Note from the Chairman

Warm Greetings,

Since the company’s inception in 1989, Doyen Constructions Pvt. Ltd. has subtly become a name to reckon with. At Doyen Constructions Pvt. Ltd., we strive for excellence, timely delivery, superior quality, joyful homes and above all happy residents. Over the years, the brand “Doyen” has become synonymous with integrity, reliability and trust. Having been a part of the industry for over 25 years, there have been a significant number of ups and downs – which we prefer to call learning experiences that we have gathered with us.

We believe in creating state-of-the-art homes and lifestyles and it’s just not a question of mere business for us. Having built a compact team from the grassroots-level, we believe in maximizing efficiency and adhering to strict timelines and deliverables when executing our projects. At no point in time, is there a compromise in quality - superior structures, expansive cross ventilation and methodical life-spaces have always been and will be at the forefront.

In the recent years, the Hyderabad real estate market has not been at its peak due to a number of factors. However, with the beginning of the new cycle and with the new initiatives taken up by the State Government, I sincerely believe that 2016 and the coming years have a lot to offer to the real estate industry. The industry has a great impact on shaping the growth of the city and we, as developers, believe that we have a lot vested on our shoulders and consider our profession a duty towards the city and state.

I, hereby, humbly invite you to join us in our efforts in contributing towards the holistic growth of the builder community and our society at large. We, as our name signifies, hope to remain the “Doyens” of construction in the years to come.

Thank you for your support,

Best Regards,
Mr. P. Prem Kumar

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